Arooba is the encapsulation of a passion for authenticity and the transformative 

power of BEAUTY. It is on these cornerstones that Arooba

established her beauty brand created with the customer at it’s heart. 

Our community is diverse, talented, creative and inclusive .

We do not emulate beauty ideals, rather the intention is to make you feel special, and empowered to celebrate your unique look. This is about positivity, personal fulfillment, and having fun. 

In research and development for many years and now launching in this exciting shift towards authentic and conscious beauty; Arooba has taken its place amongst this extraordinary community of game-changing artists and advocates for experiential makeup.

Discover unique textures, and playful colours that are good for skin. Arooba is a genuine space to collaborate, explore, discover and release your own inner icon.

Meet our Founder 

Welcome Beauty Icon,

If you are here, it means we share a deep passion for colour 

and the transformational power of makeup.

 Getting to this point, launching Arooba Beauty, has been a journey of life experiences from my childhood memories of painting my mother and sister’s faces to creating my own product in the lab. I have been an avid consumer, reader and researcher of beauty, travelling with my family always involved visiting beauty stores, spas and developing a deeper appreciation and understanding of products and treatments. 

 I knew I wanted to create a brand and community that could be a place of self-expression, empowerment and artistry. So here we are, Arooba Beauty; a new world of powerfully transformative inside-out beauty. I believe that makeup can reveal your inner beauty. It is mood enhancing, confidence building, restorative, and comforting. 

 For me, from a young age, I identified the power of red lipstick to give me the confidence to conquer the world, face pressure, rise to the occasion and feel empowered – whether that was sitting an exam or handling myself in an overwhelming social scenario; makeup gave me a moment to centre myself and restore poise. I want to share that empowerment. 

 Elevate your everyday with your own signature beauty. There are no 

stereotypes and everyone is beautiful. It is your time, Make Up An Icon.