One month has passed, and we have 11 more to navigate! The onset of 2024 has already brought forth intriguing beauty launches, and we are eagerly anticipating a vibrant array of colour pops throughout the rest of the year! 

The Middle Eastern beauty scene is set to dazzle with a fusion of tradition, innovation, and a commitment to conscious beauty. Let's delve into the key trends shaping the beauty landscape in the region, with a special focus on the eyes – the captivating windows to the soul.

Middle Eastern beauty and lifestyle influencer Ghada Ali (@ghadajukhadar) shares her perspective on this year's makeup trends:

“In my opinion, makeup trends are heading towards a fresher and simpler direction. I'm a fan of soft glam, with fluffy, undone brows, creamy blush, and anything related to skincare.”

Ghada Image 

Source: Instagram

Cultural Influences Redefine Beauty

The region is witnessing a shift from European beauty ideals to a celebration of Arabic beauty and Middle Eastern features. Local consumers are pushing back against global standards, preferring looks that embrace their unique features. Incorporating local ingredients and cultural influences is becoming the norm.

Sara Mahayri (@saramahayri), a Dubai-based fashion and beauty influencer from Lebanon, emphasises the enduring significance of cultural ingredients in her daily routine.

Source: Instagram

According to her, "My middle-eastern beauty secret is actually found in all Lebanese pantries - rose water. Growing up my mom taught me that the solution to any problem I have is in the rose water bottle - stomach ache? Rose water. Acne? Rose water. Eczema? You guessed it, rose water. It’s a natural product that is filled with antioxidants and vitamin B, so no wonder it works so well for your body, and currently I am hooked on using it as a toner, it keeps my complexion clear and glowy."

When hand-selecting natural ingredients, we researched Middle Eastern skincare extensively, and with utmost care, included ingredients such as Argan Oil and Coconut Oil in our formulations. This thoughtful fusion brings the essence of the region's beauty rituals to every makeup application, embracing the rich traditions while delivering modern, skin-loving benefits.

"Makeup, to me, is a powerful tool—it goes beyond beauty, becoming a source of therapy and confidence. Arooba Beauty is my gift to the incredible women in our region and around the world, offering not just products but a journey of self-expression and empowerment. In Arab culture, beauty rituals are more than personal routines; they are social events, moments of connection where makeup becomes the language of conversation. It's about sharing, discussing the latest trends, and bonding over the transformative magic of makeup application—a joyful activity that brings us together."  Arooba Anwar

Modern Middle Eastern Eyes

The ethos of middle eastern eye makeup is about demonstrating self-confidence; the result is a smooth finish that highlights individual features, whilst being very intentional with colour to express emotion. The result appears effortless and is what Arooba calls ‘Clean-Glam’.

Elongated Eyeshadow: Eyes take center stage with elongated eyeshadow looks, graphic liners in creative shapes, and the rise of eye maximalism.

Witness the incredible editorial makeup artist, Min Sandhu (@minnie_mua), as she crafts a captivating Middle Eastern eye look using our Desert Goddess palette:

Editorial Eyes: Sparkle and glittery lids, half lashes for a cat-eye effect, and a playful interpretation of traditional looks offer a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. 

Anny Look

Source: Instagram

We adored Anny's (@anny.isl) Elongated Eye Glam featuring our Desert Goddess palette. The addition of Auric Gold Glitter Essence provides the perfect sparkle—a look worth recreating!

The Rise of Conscious Beauty

The demand for clean and conscious beauty is surging in the Middle East. A fresh wave of Middle Eastern brands is venturing into the realm of clean beauty, and online retailers like Powder Beauty and Secret Skin are championing the integration of wellness with beauty.

Inside-Out Beauty and Uplifting Moods

Beauty is more than skin deep. The emphasis on self-esteem, healthy lifestyles, wellness, fitness, and supplements is influencing external appearances. The holistic approach to beauty as a means of self-expression, boosting confidence, and uplifting moods is gaining traction.

Source: Instagram

We chatted with Lory Gerjikian (@lorygerjikian), who is a dubai-based wellness and beauty content creator. Asking her about Middle Eastern beauty trends and her perspective for the year ahead, here’s what she has to share:

“For my New Year's beauty resolution, I'm excited to incorporate more Arabic influence into my routine. I plan to explore more traditional skincare practices, incorporating ingredients like argan oil or rosewater. I'm also excited to experiment with Arabic-inspired makeup looks, embracing the rich colours and intricate designs that are often associated with the region.” 

She further adds, “I've noticed a rise in Middle Eastern beauty trends, particularly embracing natural beauty. Soft, radiant skin and minimalistic makeup styles seem to be gaining popularity, focusing on a more understated and timeless approach to beauty, which I’ve been loving incorporating in my daily makeup routine lately.”

Lory has been loving our Desert Goddess palette, as her everyday palette, changing looks from day time to night time, on the go! We definitely think her simple makeup style, along with the mesmerising colours from the Desert Goddess is all your need for your everyday glam. 

Clean-Glam Lighter Makeup

The iconic beauty from Arabian influence is timeless; applying luxurious colours to emphasise our soulful eyes like jewels. There's a noticeable shift among Middle Eastern consumers towards lighter cosmetic tweakments that celebrate individual beauty, emphasising internal well-being, health, and self-esteem. The growing preference for clean-glam makeup, which incorporates multi-use colours and skincare-infused products, is reshaping beauty ideals and highlighting authenticity.

We've always been captivated by the Clean-Glam artistry of Maya Ahmed (@themayaahmed). Her skillful play with makeup transforms it into a flawless and enchanting expression of beauty. Watching her makeup videos is not only a pleasure but also an authentic journey into the world of beauty.

As we embark on this beauty journey in 2024, let's celebrate the diversity and richness of Middle Eastern beauty. Arooba is honoured to be a part of your cosmetic experience, offering products that echo the spirit of the region.

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