When your brand is scouted by British Vogue, you fall deeper in love with this iconic magazine.

Is it possible to love British Vogue any more? Yes, now there is certainly reason too, with Arooba featured in not just one but three consecutive magazines.. running August to October.

I received an email from the London office of Vogue applauding Arooba as a new generation beauty brand coming out of the Middle East, one to watch, and would I like to be part of their special series to support entrepreneurs. Yes please, I created and developed the brand in the UK, whilst launching in my home country of the UAE so it made perfect sense and quite a privilege to be in British Vogue.

The memories of hand blending the eyeshadows at an artisanal lab and the first batch being produced at a special factory in the North of England are fresh in my mind, as I see the photo of my palettes in print. Turning the pages, the imagery speaks of British culture, reminding me of the photoshoots I have done in London in preparation for my new brand.


Under ‘Vogue’s Beauty Essentials’

There is a statuesque image of the Polished Princess palette on a background of natural stone… it reads:

Arooba is a brand founded by entrepreneur and beauty lover Arooba Anwar. Headquartered in Dubai, this brand has a global outlook and mission of Clean Glam for Authentic Beauty. The brand is launching with skincare-infused makeup palettes for self-expression, created with botanical extracts such as passion flower oil. Dive into the 10 colours, 2 quads and 4 textures within the palette to play out your personality and Make Up An Icon.

Recharging my batteries whilst flicking through the pages, I came to pretty summery mood board I loved; Checklist ‘Ground yourself, as EARTHY tones and patterns give an added GLOW to SUMMERY essentials’ p.72

The Polished Princess palette was born out of a desire to join you in your everyday empowerment taking you from beach club for Day to restaurant for Night. A beauty essential these chic neutral tones with nuance on texture are perfect for eyes, lips and face.

Leisurely reading through the Wellness Special took me from pre-treatment, to post swim as I dove into Sugar Rush.. all about staying low GI and monitoring blood sugar levels, an article called Longevity Living including Hi-Tech Health as I check the WHOOP device I’m wearing on my wrist.


Turning to the Best of Beauty, I see the photo of myself holding the Desert Goddess palette, the portrait was taken an a studio in East London, with the most amazing natural light, just a few weeks before the brand was launched. The image reminds me of my message for the brand, that this is wellness makeup there as a companion for the road, for you to emotionally connect with the colours, and tap into your inner icon.

Arooba Vogue Sept

The lovely piece reads:

You are invited to explore and discover AROOBA BEAUTY, a new brand that promotes the experience of beauty for an inner glow that radiates. Launching with the Desert Goddess Signature Eyeshadow Dips, a unique, artisanal palette of botanically enriched skincare-makeup. Transition from Day Quad to Night Quad with these earthy and exotic tones. A new era of lightweight makeup looks is born at

I let my cat choose some pages for us to gaze upon.

(P. 214) Welcome to the world of slow beauty… this ritualised approach fits beautifully with the Middle Eastern ethos where the experience is as important as the results. Patience is paramount to get the most out of your makeup, taking the time to be more experimental, and tune into your intuition. 

It’s so true that Kama Ayurveda’s slow attitude follows classic Ayurvedic processes. “Slow beauty is a sustainable self-care practice grounded in nature” says cofounder Vivek Shani, who appreciates the slower, simpler way of approaching beauty. My artisanal experience of crafting the iconic palettes was so worthwhile, as it infused them with good vibes. I must say, the meditative process of creating the Wilder Flower of the Sun Body Oil sounds luscious. 

Far from seeing this as a waste of time, the founders seem to enjoy this gentle crafted process. The oil is created by infusing dried organic calendula petals for 21 days, before straining them and adding another dried batch of petals for another 21-day infusion. 

Naturopath and former model Rachel Landon, who cofounded the brand loves every minute of it “It’s a slow and very satisfying process watching the oil change to a deep golden colour over time”. The years of research, development and crafting that went into birthing Arooba as a brand was a special season in my life… now I have the satisfaction of seeing the joy my palettes bring to other makeup lovers. 

As Vogue says.. ‘Perhaps time really is the most precious ingredient of them all’

(P. 218) Shout out to Dr. Hauschka and their Apricot Day Cream for the brands long standing partnerships with small holders in Turkey, Pakistan, Kenya, and Germany - to nourish the skin, while being kind to the environment. Apparently.. the apricot fruit condenses the summer Sun, making it the perfect ingredient to help tackle dull, tired, or lacklustre skin and leave it totally transformed. 

(P.270) This fashion photoshoot in northwestern Wales reminds me of my visits to the English countryside and park lands to find inspiration for botanical ingredients. Along with this sentiment for ‘pure imagination’ I wish for my artisanal palettes to be a therapeutic makeup experience, to freely create your signature makeup looks. I just love how it reads “Pure imagination, adventurous silhouettes - and a restless sense of play - meet a grand and storied setting.. the 400 year old estate simply feels like home." 


Within Vogue’s Beauty Bible is a photo of the Polished Princess and Desert Goddess Palettes standing side by side, like true friends. The photo was taken by Elena Stanciu @shikimikisoul on Instagram who is all about ethical beauty, and loves cruelty free vegan products. Her photos have a rawness and authenticity that capture her Living Gently ethos; the angle of the picture is from below... so the palettes look like they are standing on a stage.

The piece reads:

Love Skincare & Makeup? Simultaneously treat your skin to both with the skincare-makeup formulas in the artisanal palettes by AROOBA BEAUTY. The formulas are clean and vegan, containing Tuberose, Beetroot, Passion Flower Oil and more. Polished Princess and Desert Goddess have playful multi-use colours for self-expression and authentic looks. Tap into your inner glow with this inside-out approach to effortless glam.

I’m still working on the finishing touches to the Arooba head office in downtown Dubai, and skimming through the Interiors Special I imagine myself sitting on this off-white boulder like armchair (P.130). Then I’m immersed in an interview with none other than Victoria Beckham about the creation of her debut fragrances. Her words “I started with the stories and built the fragrances around them” are telling of my own creation journey for the artisanal palettes, which are very much story led. Children love to choose a storybook to read out loud to them. Stories are fundamental to the human experience. In adulthood we understand who we are, what we desire, and our place in the world through stories. 

Have you ever done this therapeutic creative writing exercise, recommended by psychologists? Write about your past, understand what was good, what was bad, and that you can draw a line in the sand, put it behind you, and grow. Feel freer. Now write about the present, what are your current circumstances, what is working, not working, what are you enjoying, not enjoying. Ground yourself in the present by taking positive action daily, for incremental progress. Feel empowered. Next, write a story about your future, what you will become, the blessings coming your way and positive outcomes. Be optimistic, allow yourself to dream… see what could be possible in 2 months, 1 year.. 5 years.. etc… Feel inspired and motivated to live your vision. Make a difference to yourself and others around you, as the Arooba tagline goes MAKE UP AN ICON. 

In Beauty Musings I spot a candle for my shopping list ‘Les Mondes de Diptyques’ with notes of tuberose, a well chosen ingredient that is also in my eyeshadow dips. I love the idea of burning this candle in the studio when filming my next makeup tutorial. (P.192)

Reading a physical magazine feels strikingly different to scrolling through social media on a phone. Let’s give ourselves permission to regularly set aside some important me-time to get engrossed in a favourite magazine. Me and my cat will be turning the pages with you. 

It’s a dream to be a part of British Vogue, and I feel freer and more inspired than ever to have had the leisurely luxury of magazine reading.

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