We are ecstatic to be sitting down with the epitome of divine femininity, Mariam Yasin. A Women's Holistic Wellness Advisor, lifestyle Instagram influencer @itsmariamyasin, founder of the ‘Brand Botox,’ and lastly a clean glam icon (according to all the beauty gurus at Arooba Beauty).

Here’s a healthy dose of inspiration, as this mindful wizard will help you transform your life by harnessing your feminine energy and your true self. Along with personal development tips and tricks to look and feel your best, keep reading for more. 

Now... without any further ado. Let’s get into the interview.

Mariam, can you describe yourself in a way to help others think about themselves more expansively? 

I would say that I am a ‘magical woman’, curious by nature, and my work encompasses understanding the human experience from a metaphysical point of view. I am a creative who hones multitudes and aspires to inspire others along the way. We can each of us access this magical side of ourselves by being more in sync with the body, honouring our cycles; my message is to ‘Rise into your Power the feminine way’. 

Hearing about your personal journey really helps each of us to reflect on our own situations. 

Ahh thank you so much, yes it was in my early twenties, due to the pain caused by my parents' divorce I suffered health issues, this forced me to look deeper to find harmony out of chaos. The emotional pain pushed me to go beyond that surface of blame, regret and even anger so that I could get to know myself, my mind, my body, and my beliefs in new ways. Sharing my stories knowing that it can help someone heal or find peace is such a beautiful exchange. It is my way of giving back and learning from others as well.

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2024 in terms of lifestyle habits or bucket list experiences?

I actually prefer to set intentions instead of 'resolutions', I find it helps me to align more with my desires and not necessarily a fixed outcome (because maybe it will be even better than imagined in the first place!)  This year, I want to honour and be more present in the relationships in my life - including children, family, friends, colleagues and even a future life partner :)  Also maintaining and strengthening my gut health is something I'm being more proactive about this year. 

We love the makeup look you created with the Polished Princess, what’s your take on the palette? 

The Polished Princess Palette is a favourite of mine, with pretty multi-use shades, which makes it perfect for every day. They are multi-purpose, so great for night, day, and everything in between, so I definitely recommend the palette. 

To recreate Mariam’s look, simply follow these steps. 

Step 1: Charming, an off-white, a brightening base applying all over the lid with the fluffy end of the brush. 

Step 2: Portrait, a metallic brown, to shape your crease and contour the eye 

Step 3: Privileged, a deep mauve, to define the lash line with the fine end of the dual-ended brush. 

Step 4: Shy, a matt pink, apply to the apples of your cheeks using a big brush for a natural looking flush. 

Step 5: Amira, a creamy gold glitter essence, pick it up with your fingers to add highlight to the brow bone, cheek bone and bridge of the nose. 

So in order to glow inside and out, like yourself, what are your beauty rituals? 

I have religiously followed a skincare routine since I was 15, I believe that this has supported a graceful ageing process, it’s become a part of how I take care of myself. I have always loved beauty and fashion since I was a little girl. Modelling in my teens allowed me to pick up makeup tips and tricks from the insiders. My go-to makeup look is lightweight and accentuates my natural features with little shimmer and eyeshadow, paired with eyeliner and nude or glossy lips. It’s good to experiment with a bold eye or lip for special occasions and events. Some of my favourite products are from clean beauty brands like Arooba, Roen, Ilia, RMS, and Chanel specifically for the liquid eyeliner. 

In the evening a nice warm shower is a must to clean up the energy of the day, and divulge into a relaxing nighttime routine. Sleep is super important for me, as it is a way for my body to heal and rejuvenate. I also use this time to apply richer overnight skincare treatments on my face. 

To be honest, people regularly ask me how I stay looking so youthful... the truth is that yoga, meditation, and energetic practices have been a part of my routine since I was 19 years old. Beauty comes from the inside-out so I prefer home cooked meals to eating out, and lately I have been managing my gluten and sugar intake (even if it’s natural like honey) and I buy ingredients that are as local and fresh as possible. 

Arooba is all about empowerment as a lifestyle... can you give us some insight into your daily routines? 

I believe that whatever I do each morning really sets the tone and energy for the entire day. After a workout I write in my gratitude journal to set my intentions, then I check in with my body through some breath work and meditation, before jumping into the shower. After that I need to get ready for the day and I start to prepare my look. 

Check out this reel on Instagram where we accompany Mariam, as she says...  

Today I am using Arooba Beauty Polished Princess Palette, I have an event and I have to be photo ready without looking over the top, I love how versatile the palette is, how the colours blend in together, and the shimmer I add on top is just wow! In terms of my outfit Iove to look elevated and also feel comfortable, there are days where I have meetings all day long, and I need to be able to carry the look throughout the day and sometimes through the evening and into dinner. So, there we go, looking good, feeling good, and ready to start the day. 

What helps you to stay motivated? 

Learning and wanting to always better myself in various ways has always come naturally to me, thankfully! Whenever something scares me, it is usually a sign that there’s room to grow in that area or broaden my horizons. 

What are some book recommendations that we can add to our reading list? 

As companions for the road on anyone’s personal development journey, I would recommend: 

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy
“The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck
“Her Blood is Gold” by Lara Owen
“How To Get What You Want and Want What you Have” by John Gray. Along with an honorary documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know.” 

Do you have any practical wellness tips or hacks you can share? 

To get out of a rut, or to wind down... I would suggest... enjoy the benefits of being in nature ‘a walk outside alone, no phone, no music ... allows me to process my day and clears my mind. Sit with your emotions, rather than trying to fix them. Emotions will naturally flow in and out so we can intentionally understand why it’s there and give it time to shift its way out. 

Mariam, you love celebrating other women; what do you admire the most about Arooba Anwar as an entrepreneur. 

Indeed, us women can help and uplift one another. Here is a free life lesson from me; if you want to level up and keep elevating, surround yourself with others who inspire you and can learn from. 

It’s been great getting to know Arooba, and I love how she made self-empowerment the mission for her clean beauty brand. Her skincare-makeup formulas are full of nourishing ingredients such as: beetroot, passionflower oil, tuberose, and jojoba oil, which are great alternatives to the chemicals used in the mainstream brands, and obviously for clean beauty lovers. 

Mariam is promoting Arooba’s message about Everyday Empowerment... watch the reel on Instagram here as she does self-affirmations whilst applying her makeup. Listening to or reading her words, they sound like poetry, an encouragement of self-affirmation for us all. 

Everyday Empowerment with Arooba Skincare-Makeup..

You know sometimes I need to remind myself just how far I’ve come. It’s easy to get caught up in all the drama around us; the gossip, the comparisons, the never ending strive for perfection. It’s not real you know. 

I have to remind myself to give me a pat on the back, you did it Mariam, you’re so freekin’ awesome, to celebrate my wins, embrace my failures, learn my lessons, and keep moving on. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m worthy of the life I have always wished for, that I can do things differently than others, and be me, and that’s ok. 

And I also have to remind myself that my grandmothers paved the way so that I can be safe to express my thoughts, my views, my opinions, and my desires. 

I have to remind myself that I’m already the woman of my dreams taking up space and shining her light for the world to see.. and you know what, it took me 40 years to get here.. but hey.. who says that there is a timeline anyway. 

What self-affirmations do you remind yourself of when you do your makeup? 

What are your work aspirations going forward?

I've been working in content and production for years now and the universe has conspired to have me launch The Brand Botox late last year. I want to bring this to life in a big way in 2024!  We're focussed on branding and content solutions for individuals such as  influencers or thought leaders or even businesses as well. Stay tuned to our socials on IG @thebrandbotox for more about our offering and what we do.


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