Hello Beauty Icons,

I hope you all are surrounded by the same joy and excitement that fills my heart as I share the incredible news with you. Arooba Beauty has not only graced the beauty scenes of the UAE with its radiant presence but has now embarked on a new and thrilling chapter with our recent launch in the UK.

The milestone February launch in the UK wasn't just an event; it was a celebration, a reunion with a city that holds a special place in my heart. As the founder of Arooba Beauty, every step of this journey has been a labour of love, and bringing our iconic palettes to the UK feels like an achievement that we, as a beauty community, celebrate together.


Setting the Stage: Iconic Palettes for Every Mood

In the heart of London, where I once treaded the path of inspiration and innovation, we introduced the UK to the trio of iconic palettes—Polished Princess, Desert Goddess, and Majestic Queen. These palettes are more than makeup; they are a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and the glamorous spirit that resides within us all.

The warm reception we've received in the UK echoes the love and support we've felt in the UAE. Beauty enthusiasts in the UK are embracing the therapeutic self-expression that Arooba Beauty stands for, making every palette more than just a makeup product. The event was not just a brand launch; it was a homecoming of sorts, a return to where dreams and visions for Arooba Beauty took shape.

event set up

The Guest Experience: A Personal Touch

The launch wasn't just about showcasing our products; it was about creating an immersive and personaliSed experience for our guests. From bespoke welcome mocktails to customised palette engravings by the talented Farrah (@farrah.azam), each element was carefully curated to reflect the essence of Arooba Beauty.

Mastering Iconic Looks: Eye Makeup Masterclass

Amazing makeup artist Jaz (@jazcrush.artistry), known for her playful use of colour, led a captivating eye makeup masterclass on the beautiful Nicole (@nicole7jo). Demonstrating day-to-night transitions using the Arooba Majestic Queen palette, Jaz's practical tips and infectious energy inspired everyone to dive into their palettes and create their iconic looks.

Arooba Event UK

Capturing Moments: Photos and Friendships

The event featured an Arooba logo brand wall, providing the perfect backdrop for photos. Guests posed with their palettes, turning each snapshot into a celebration of their unique beauty.

Arooba Event

Savouring the Flavours: Food and Fun

A sumptuous selection of canapés and delicacies, curated by a gourmet chef, allowed the guests to indulge in a culinary delight while engaging in conversations.

Arooba Event

Sweet Conclusions: Celebration Cake and Goodie Bags

The tailor-made celebration cake by ELAN, adorned with the Arooba logo and miniature palettes, served as a visual masterpiece. Each guest left with a curated goodie bag, a token of appreciation containing their personalised Arooba palette, vegan leather makeup pouch, an icon silk scarf, and more.

As I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed and attended the event, I look forward to seeing you all continue to 'MAKE UP AN ICON.'

 Arooba Beauty

This celebration marked more than just a brand launch; it was a step into experiential beauty. I envision more events, more shared experiences, as the brand becomes a part of the daily lives of beauty enthusiasts. The positive feedback and emotional connection to each palette are the driving forces behind Arooba's commitment to creating not just makeup but moments of joy and self-expression.

Join the Arooba community, explore the iconic palettes, and dive into the world of clean-glam beauty. Follow us on social media @aroobabeauty, and delve into our recent blog posts at your leisure.

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